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The internet provides vast quantities of excellent material to aid you in pursuing the goals that you would like to achieve. However, with the innumerable number of choices placed before each explorer in this information jungle it is difficult to identify the items of major interest. This takes much time and effort. We at TorahAndIsrael.com have put in the time and effort to assemble a concentration of the very best articles, books, music, videos and even photos that pertain to the realms of Torah and Israel.

There are three major components to TorahAndIsrael.com:

  1. Resources for learning Hebrew — from absolute beginner to advanced
  2. A superb selection of Torah and Israel related articles
  3. Recommended Jewish Reading — both a short list of twelve "Essential Jewish Books" and a more extensive but well-selected longer list

We hope that you'll agree that the finest selection of Torah and Israel related material is to be found here,


the TorahAndIsrael team

comments and questions are appreciated, please email: info@torahandisrael.com